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Re: Fedora and lack of audio communication with the community

On 12/22/07, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:
> Valent Turkovic <valent.turkovic <at> gmail.com> writes:
> > first excuse me if this is the wrong mailing list. If there is
> > fedora-marketing or some similar :) mailing list please point me in
> > the right direction.
> There is a fedora-marketing-list indeed.
> But to answer your suggestion: I personally don't understand why all the fuss
> about podcasts, IMHO written plaintext is more convenient for things like that
> (easier to skim over, easier to find a section when going back to something you
> already read, easier to search automatically (fulltext search), easier to find
> in a search engine too (fulltext indexing), no need to either put headphones on
> or have everyone around listen to the podcast too whether they want it or not,
> can be consumed on a machine with no sound at all (as in some offices) and of
> course faster to download too).
>         Kevin Kofler

Try reading while on a bike :) or while driving... I don't sit all day
at a computer screen, but there days that I do. When I'm at a computer
I usually need something done and can't waste time reading reviews,
blog posts and articles. I work out in the field, going to meetings,
connecting cables, driving in the car... and during all those things
(or in between) I can listen because I have my mind and ears free but
not my eyes and hands. I find podcasts immensely valuable mean of
getting news, reviews, fun and new data...

Audio and podcasts are really nice medium for more than one author to
give their opinion on one subject where text is usually only single
point of view.  Audio with more that one host give multiple, different
and therefore more indepth views on subject at hand.

I don't think that podcast replace text but there are places where
podcasts have real multiple advantages over written (online or
printed) text. And also you can take in account disabled and blind
people who also benefit from audio medium.

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