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Re: Firefox 3 Beta 2 in Rawhide

Alex Lancaster wrote:
This will take a *lot* of work from various packagers to make sure
that F-9 works out of the box.  With all the packages that used to
build against firefox and we should probably bug all those package
maintainers to test the various packages and/or report things against
upstream to give them time to fix them so these packages work

Since i maintain galeon, i got word from an upstream developer that xulrunner is still not exactly in a nice state to work with. To quote him: "I'm holding off on this until mozilla sorts out the microb problem. Apparently a good chunk of the brokenness is due to a bunch of unreviewed microb (the n800 browser) patches being committed. They claim they are going to back them out. Hopefully after that, [galeon] won't be so crippled.".

Galeon now compiles thanks to Martin's patch, but it still has a number of issues and disabled features..

I know almost nothing about mozilla/xulrunner upstream development, but I have to ask: it's not just them (the packages that depend on firefox) that have to be ready for xulrunner, will xulrunner also be ready for them ? :-) (i.e. with enough time for maintainers/upstream to port/debug ?)

> Otherwise, I fear, Release Engineering will be forced drop
> them from the next release (at least from the the final package list)

If it comes to that, I hope we can debate whether it should not be xulrunner that gets dropped and firefox-devel restored (assuming that's even possible).


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