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Re: Filezilla for EPEL

2007/12/23, Frank Büttner <frank-buettner gmx net>:
> Hello,
> can filezilla be released for EPEL?
No, unless the requested BuildRequirement can be provided. (needs wxGTK 2.8.x)
Actually even rawhide cannot provides the necessary BuildRequirement
for the last FileZilla. (3.0.4 - needs wxGTK 2.8.6) so I've backported
some patches so we can build the last (needs wxGTK 2.8.3) with
theses additional patches...

As soon as it will be possible, I will request a EPEL-5 branch for
FileZilla. But i would say, it does not make sense for now.
Alternatively, it could be possible to build it with a statically
compiled wxGTK...

I will check further next week...

Nicolas (kwizart )

> Thanks,
> and an marry Christmas.:)
> --
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