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Re: Broken dependencies: perl-Test-AutoBuild

Any suggestions on how best to deal with the following problem....

On Mon, Dec 24, 2007 at 03:51:09AM -0700, buildsys fedoraproject org wrote:
> perl-Test-AutoBuild has broken dependencies in the development tree:
> On ppc64:
> 	perl-Test-AutoBuild-darcs - 1.2.2-1.fc9.noarch requires darcs >= 0:1.0.0
> Please resolve this as soon as possible.

perl-Test-AutoBuild is the module in CVS, it generates perl-Test-AutoBuild
main RPM containing most of the app, and then a number of sub-RPMs - one
per SCM system supported. The whole app is a 'noarch' since it is pure Perl
and not architecture dependant.

Unfortunately it looks like the 'darcs' SCM system is not available[1] on PPC
causing me to get spammed nightly about this broken dep. To be honest this
isn't really a problem that'll hit any users - since the darcs dependancy
is only in the sub-RPM, users can simply not install perl-Test-AutoBuild-darcs
on the PPC platforms. 

I can't do any '%if %{arch}' conditional stuff in the RPM since this is a
noarch package, and I don't want to make the package arch-dependant just
to get rid of the darcs package on PPC since there is nothing broken here
that will hit users. I really just want to make this nightly spam STFU.

Is there any way to block a noarch sub-RPM from the PPC repos ?


[1]  http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=246051
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