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Re: Putting K3b back onto the DVDs?

On Sun, 2007-12-23 at 19:47 -0500, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Sun, 23 Dec 2007 22:54:58 +0100
> Denis Leroy <denis poolshark org> wrote:
> > Hmm, why would we provide multi-lib on a live CD ?
> Because Live images are installable.

Secondary arch packages can be installed after the initial installation
just fine (whether from Live media or via anaconda). Having these on
Live media shouldn't be necessary unless we ship secondary arch only
software (like wine) on the medium. We should have means to enable
multilib if so desired rather than having it on Live media where it's
not strictly needed.

Merry Christmas by the way :-).

     Nils Philippsen    /    Red Hat    /    nphilipp redhat com
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