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Guidelines for packaging documentation containing PHP scripts

Hi everyone,

I posted a message on the fedora-packaging list last week regarding
packaging php-pdb, a library for manipulating Palm OS databases:


Nobody's replied to that message yet, so I wondered if anyone on this
list could offer any advice.

php-pdb comes with documentation in the form of PHP scripts (including
examples using php-pdb itself), and these need to be accessed through
Apache. I wondered:

* whether I should convert the documentation to plain HTML;

* if it's OK to remove a .tar.gz containing a patched version of the
library intended for use with another application (it doesn't seem
appropriate for the php-pdb package);

* whether it's OK to remove references to a sample app (which would
also need to be served by Apache) - and leave the .tar.gz of the
sample app in the doc files.

Are there any other packages where the documentation comes as PHP
scripts designed to be served through Apache? If anyone could point me
at any examples I'd be grateful. I looked at the packaging guidelines
for PHP but couldn't see anything relevant to executable


Richard Fearn

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