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Re: moto4lin

>> Sorry for bother you!
>> I really appreciate your time.
>> I've been using FC5, FC6 and Fedora7 and I've found that the moto4lin has a
>> little bug (the same in all three distro).
>> The Greek 'Sho'  letter (ϸ) between A and C drives letter that makes
>> innaccessible other drives in the phone. (In statusbar appears /aϸ/c)
>> I've contacted the author and he suggested me to use SVN (trunk) version.
>> I've installed that and works.
>> Can we replace the actual moto4lin rpm with the SVN one?
>These requests are better off being placed in bugzilla:
> http://bugzilla.redhat.com. I imagine the package maintainer would be
>sympathetic to your request, given it fixes a real world bug.

Thanks Jonathan, I did reported in bugzilla
and they told me to contact the author... so
the author told to use the svn version...

In Argentina we say: "nobody holds hot potatos"
Seems like nobody wants to solve this...
Anyone who knows were should I post this?

thanks again for your invaluable time
.:: www.preguntaslinux.org :: moderador ::.
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