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moto4lin, I give up.

I give up...
(to resume: moto4lin doesn't work well with +2 drives, but SVN version does)
This is what I got on bugzilla:
"I'm sorry, but this is still an upstream issue.  The fact that the upstream
author has a patch that fixes this problem but is not releasing it in an
official release does not make this a packaging issues, IMHO.

It is my position that bugs like this need to be fixed by an upstream release,
particularly in cases like this.  Because upstream fixes help all distributions,
and Fedora, effectively, forking it does not.

I don't believe it is Fedora's place to be tracking svn.  Does the upstream
maintainer have a good reason for not having a real release that fixes this?

If someone from fedora-devel thinks this should be tracking SVN, they should
re-open this and take assignment on the bug."

Thanks anyway.
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