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Heads up: opensync upgrade

Hallo everyone,

coming up for rawhide is an opensync upgrade to 0.35. This means that all
opensync plugins will need an upgrade and all applications depending on
opensync need a rebuild because of a soname bump from .0 to .1.

0.35 still is a testing release on the road to 0.40 which should be released
sometime soon. As 0.40 will include many changes (including a new build
environment using cmake) I would like to give it as much testing as possible.

There is one important change: There currently is no gui tool to do the
synchronization (not that multisync really worked anway). The gui for now is
deprecated. The command line tool msynctool however has been developed further.
Because of this I have decided to finally split out msynctool from the
multisync package. Msynctool has been part of the multisync package for
historical reasons but should not be in there anymore. The split review bug can
be found here (#426915).

There are also some
additional plugins for which I have put up review bugs in case anyone is

 o google-calendar (#426911)
 o moto (#426912)
 o opie (#426913)
 o vformat (#426914)

If there are problems let me know.

Best Regards,

Andreas Bierfert, B.Sc.        | http://awbsworld.de      | GPG: C58CF1CB
andreas bierfert lowlatency de | http://lowlatency.de     | signed/encrypted
phone: +49 2402 102373         | cell: +49 173 5803043    | mail preferred

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