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Re: moto4lin, I give up.

dragonauta x writes:
 > I give up...
 > (to resume: moto4lin doesn't work well with +2 drives, but SVN version does)
 > This is what I got on bugzilla:
 > "I'm sorry, but this is still an upstream issue.  The fact that the upstream
 > author has a patch that fixes this problem but is not releasing it in an
 > official release does not make this a packaging issues, IMHO.
 > It is my position that bugs like this need to be fixed by an upstream
 > release,
 > particularly in cases like this.  Because upstream fixes help all
 > distributions,
 > and Fedora, effectively, forking it does not.
 > I don't believe it is Fedora's place to be tracking svn.  Does the upstream
 > maintainer have a good reason for not having a real release that fixes this?
 > If someone from fedora-devel thinks this should be tracking SVN, they should
 > re-open this and take assignment on the bug."
 > Thanks anyway.

I don't get it.  Where's the problem?  Upstream refuses to produce an


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