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Re: Heads up: new sysprof package without binary kernel module

On 28.12.2007 11:20, Till Maas wrote:
> On Fr Dezember 28 2007, Gianluca Sforna wrote:
>> The main advantage of this approach is actually that I can avoid
>> moving the package between repos...
>> I hope to get some more (different?) views on the topic
> Fesco decided that kernel modules are not allowed in Fedora 9 and later, 
> regardless on how they are packaged. Therefore moving the package to another 
> repository is the only option. :-/

Not the only, but the best one IMHO. As it was reviewed in Fedora we can
just import it to Livna without an additional review. I also take care
of rebuilding all kmods for newly released kernel, so that easier for
you as well.

>From Livna it will be moved to RPM Fusion once it starts (e.g. when I
find time to finally complete setting up FAS for look-aside cache
authentification; if anybody wants to help and knows about the Fedora
infrastructure more then I do, is a better sysadmin then I am (I'm a bad
sysadmin -- I earn my money with different things) then drop me a line).


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