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Re: BIND will completely drop D-BUS dynamic forwarders table support

Simo Sorce wrote:
> The chaching nameserver is definitely the way to go imo.
> It also would make it possible to do many other things like querying a
> different name server based on the request.
> For example I'd like to query my corporate domain server (over the vpn)
> buy only for domain names that end in my.corp.com and use my ISP for
> anything else.

I currently use some ad-hoc scripts to obtain this behavior,
that is, don't query the corp server for generic queries.
When manually launching them, some bind configs are modified and
named restarted (/etc/resolv.conf always goes to

But there is another problem which I'm not able to solve easily:
if you try to resolve www.google.com and you have
"search my.corp.com" in /etc/resolv.conf, a query for
www.google.com.my.corp.com will be tried first.
The only solution I know is to use "www.google.com.",
with a final dot, but that would mean changing every domain
in every config (including rewiring my brain to always
append an extra dot :-) ).

It's a pity the rules are this way; the opposite would
be a lot better (www.google.com ignores suffixes, but,
e.g. www.google.com. gets the prefix expansion).

What about simply reverting the attempts order, instead?
First try it naked, then with suffixes.
Would that violate some RFC or something?

Best regards.
   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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