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Re: moto4lin, I give up.

Andrew Haley wrote:

 > Please don't oversimplify the issue. Just because upstream refuses, for
 > whatever reason, to come up with a release doesn't mean packagers should
 > refuse to package up a copy from VCS, particularly if it's been made
 > reproducible.

I dunno.  That sounds like a very good reason to me.  Otherwise Fedora
would have to maintain a fork, which really isn't a good plan.  It
isn't the job of a Fedora packager to maintain a fork.

If it's really so important to get this fixed, it needs to be fixed
across all distros.  If there hasn't been a release for three years,
the package needs to be orphaned or someone who cares needs to start
maintaining a fork that can become the new upstream.

Why would upstream's existing sourceforge svn trunk be considered a new fork?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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