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Re: moto4lin, I give up.

Dnia 2007-12-28, o godz. 15:16:03 "Jon Ciesla" <limb jcomserv net> napisaƂ(a):

> Some upstreams, like xmoto's for example, will
> provide you the SVN version numbers to allow you to take two check outs
> and create your own patches.  I did this for xmoto 0.3.3, so we could fix
> a bug fixed in 0.3.4 before 0.3.4 came out.  Bought us several weeks of
> functionality.
Now imagine you have 100 bugs, there's never going to be 0.3.4 and 0.4 or 1.0
is going to come out in 2011. Even with an upstream giving you commit numbers,
you'll end up either:
- having 100 patches, half of them not SVN patches (but merged from a few
dependant commits),
- really forking and releasing your own tarball (not a packager's business),
- releasing a snapshot and dealing with its new bugs, which could end up
causing more trouble for the users and you.

With one simple (one small patch published by upstream) bug and active
upstream development of a "stable" branch, there's no problem. Moto4lin could
be different, however. If its maintainers don't want to deal with patching it
or releasing snapshots, they do it for a reason.


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