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Re: moto4lin, I give up.

> Dnia 2007-12-28, o godz. 15:16:03 "Jon Ciesla" <limb jcomserv net>
> napisał(a):
>> Some upstreams, like xmoto's for example, will
>> provide you the SVN version numbers to allow you to take two check outs
>> and create your own patches.  I did this for xmoto 0.3.3, so we could
>> fix
>> a bug fixed in 0.3.4 before 0.3.4 came out.  Bought us several weeks of
>> functionality.
> Now imagine you have 100 bugs, there's never going to be 0.3.4 and 0.4 or
> 1.0
> is going to come out in 2011. Even with an upstream giving you commit
> numbers,
> you'll end up either:
> - having 100 patches, half of them not SVN patches (but merged from a few
> dependant commits),
> - really forking and releasing your own tarball (not a packager's
> business),
> - releasing a snapshot and dealing with its new bugs, which could end up
> causing more trouble for the users and you.
> With one simple (one small patch published by upstream) bug and active
> upstream development of a "stable" branch, there's no problem. Moto4lin
> could
> be different, however. If its maintainers don't want to deal with patching
> it
> or releasing snapshots, they do it for a reason.

Agreed, with this case it was two showstopper bugs, and they were still
working on a few new features for the next release, so it made sense.  It
may or may not work here, but it's worth looking into.  Even with
dependant commits, svn diff x:y could be a big help.

> Lam
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