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Re: Help with packaging tmispell-voikko (Ispell compatible Finnish spellchecking)

Ville-Pekka Vainio <vpivaini <at> cs.helsinki.fi> writes:
> Enchant people please note: the tmispell-voikko package also provides a
> Voikko  plugin for Enchant, which I've named enchant-voikko. The plugin will
> probably be in the next stable enchant release as well, but I believe it
> won't hurt to  package it separately until that's released. This would
> hopefully add support for Finnish spell checking in rawhide's KDE4, among
> others, I haven't had a chance to test it, though.

And in KSpell2 in Rawhide's KDE 3. :-)

> In Fedora /usr/bin/ispell is provided by the aspell package and I assume it's 
> not good packaging to move around files that belong to other packages. But 
> placing tmispell to /usr/bin/ispell is apparently the only way KDE (and 
> possibly other ispell compatible programs) can use tmispell.

For the legacy KSpell interface which uses command-line spellcheckers, we could 
just add support for tmispell like I added support for hunspell:
As you can see from the above patch, it isn't that hard to patch in support for 
an additional executable

        Kevin Kofler

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