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Re: Putting K3b back onto the DVDs?

Em Sáb, 2007-12-29 às 12:11 -0500, Jesse Keating escreveu:
> On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 17:39:37 +0100
> David Nielsen <david lovesunix net> wrote:
> > I assume that you have filed bugs for these issues?
> Not recently, I only recently discovered this, and I wasn't sure if it
> was bad mp3 encoding or not.  I need to recreate the files and see if
> it continues.

Most likely it's because the mp3s are variable bitrate, that tends to
really mess up duration estimates (the joys of jerryrigging mp3s to
support technology they were not intended originally - fun fun fun).

But please do cc me on the bug once you file them, I have never seen
this problem but then again most of my music is in FLAC or constant
bitrate mp3s in the form of podcasts.

- David

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