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Getting GNOME settings applied for GNOME apps in KDE sessions


Related to Jesse's "I care when it looks like ass compared to the other apps I 
have open" message in the recent K3b thread:

Getting GNOME apps to look decent in KDE sessions is somewhat painful 
currently.  Not only does one need to configure their settings in the GNOME 
control center (which I can understand and live with even though it's 
suboptimal), but that is not enough.  No settings persist accross session 
unless one gets something to start gnome-settings-daemon.

Without gnome-settings-daemon running, many GNOME apps display broken/missing 
icons, and do not honor the settings I've configured in GNOME control center 
(eg. font sizes, themes).  For examples of broken icons log in to a fresh KDE 
session, and open GNOME control center itself (the initial view shows lots of 
broken icons) or the nm-applet context menus.  For examples of my font size 
being ignored, any GNOME app seems to do.

Where should this be fixed?  Shouldn't GNOME apps that use settings governed 
by the daemon get the daemon running if needed?  Can't GNOME apps be made to 
look semi decent (eg. no broken icons) without the daemon running?  What if 
gnome-settings-daemon isn't even installed?  Should KDE start 
gnome-settings-daemon when a session starts?

This is on F8.  I've traditionally "fixed" this locally by installing a 
~/.kde/Autostart/gnome-settings-daemon -> /usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon 
symlink but I think this deserves a real fix somewhere so that things just 

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