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Re: Getting GNOME settings applied for GNOME apps in KDE sessions

On Sunday 30 December 2007, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Oops, I wrote:
> > install our gtk-qt-engine theme to get it.
> I actually meant "install our gtk-qt-engine _package_".

Ok, that looks useful, but helps only for a subset of the issues.  For 
example, it doesn't help with broken gnome-control-center icons.

Even so, I think having it installed by default in KDE setups could be an 
improvement (no new deps caused as at least zenity which is there by default 
already pulls in gtk stuff).  comps-f9 patch attached.

On the other hand, a running gnome-settings-daemon appears to override 
gtk-qt-engine's settings so that they have no effect.  So if there's going to 
be a change so that KDE will launch gnome-settings-daemon at session startup, 
there doesn't seem to be point in having gtk-qt-engine installed by default 
any more.
Index: comps-f9.xml.in
RCS file: /cvs/extras/comps/comps-f9.xml.in,v
retrieving revision 1.220
diff -u -r1.220 comps-f9.xml.in
--- comps-f9.xml.in	23 Dec 2007 00:06:42 -0000	1.220
+++ comps-f9.xml.in	30 Dec 2007 15:13:33 -0000
@@ -2422,6 +2422,7 @@
       <packagereq type="default">amarok</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="default">digikam</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="default">gpgme</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="default">gtk-qt-engine</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="default">kaffeine</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="default">kde-settings-pulseaudio</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="default">kdeaccessibility</packagereq>
@@ -2446,7 +2447,6 @@
       <packagereq type="optional">compiz-kde</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="optional">crystal</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="optional">d3lphin</packagereq>
-      <packagereq type="optional">gtk-qt-engine</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="optional">im-chooser</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="optional">katapult</packagereq>
       <packagereq type="optional">kbackup</packagereq>

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