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Re: Smolt: Fedora Hardware Profiler

On 1/31/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath fedoraproject org> wrote:
On 1/31/07, Michael Wiktowy <michael wiktowy gmail com> wrote:
>Can you offer some examples?
<snip tons of good examples>
Depending on how the LHCP development goes we may add a "doesn't or
does" work feature.  But its not there right now.  For Smolt I wanted
to stay away from feature creep :-D  Its initial inception was just
for Metrics but as demands come about, we'll see.

OK ... I'm sold. I was under the impression that it was aggregating
all the stats together on the server but it you (and hopefully all the
users offering their personal data) are able to have complex queries
like that (i.e. the association of which hardware is on which box),
that is valuable from a marketing/strategic partnership perspective.

Is it only in the FC6 yum repo at the moment? I tried installing it on
my FC4 box and yum couldn't find it.


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