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Re: Smolt: Fedora Hardware Profiler

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 21:38 -0500, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Wednesday 31 January 2007 21:25, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> > Silly me.  I actually believed for a second that you were using
> > evolution- to send your emails...
Yes, it exposes me to be a likely victim of certain type of evolution
(esp email) exploits. In other words, the fact evo transmits this info
is a security relevant BUG in evolution.

Nevertheless, evo is still is a client, not a server, so should exploits
happen their impact is likely to be limited. On servers the situation is
different, faking/suppressing id strings is pretty effective to at least
to irritate potential attackers.

> From a machine with a local address of, external address 
> hsi-kbw-082-212-056-027.hsi.kabelbw.de ([]) blah blah blah...
Yes, you apparently know to read mail headers.

It doesn't tell you which NIC or GPU or CPU this machine has, if this is
a physical machine at all (I could be masquerading) nor how many
machines I have in my network, nor ... does it tell you the uptime, nor
the bogomips nor does this allow you any conclusion on my income.


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