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[RFC] Grub 2 packages for FC7

I've got intial packages for FC7 and grub2. This allows grub2 to be
installed side by side with grub1. This is especially nice as grub2 is
still in development and some key features are still not there for
full replacement of grub one.

For this inital package I have support for standard i386 & x86-64 PCs.
I'll be adding an grub2-efi and ppc file pacakages shortly (though
because I'm a bit tardy getting these to the list I figured I would
just throw these on the list. I have a prebuilt package for x86-64,
the source rpm, & spec file. Everything can be found at:

While it installs fine to the boot sector.. for some reason (that I
cannot see why) grub is not reading from /boot/grub2/grub.cfg .. and
will bring to the grub prompt. While you can boot fine from the
prompt, I'm unsure why it currently is not reading the configuration
file and bring up a menu (I've seen it work in the past).

So now all commands have "grub2" as  a prefix. So instead of
"grub-install". Also installs files to "/boot/grub2" when run
"grub2-install". You can easily see the file list from the rpm by
grabing the binary rpm and doing "rpm -qlp <package_name>".

Information on writing the config file for grub2 (which is grub.cfg)
can be found:

Grub Dev wiki:


Signed-off-by: Jerone Young <jerone gmail com>

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