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Re: Smolt: Fedora Hardware Profiler

Bret McMillan wrote:
Mike McGrath wrote:
On 1/31/07, Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> wrote:
Mike McGrath (mmcgrath fedoraproject org) said:
> *Note: this is not LHCP, which is going to be a much larger project.
> Smolt has a much smaller scope and will ultimately (hopefully) be
> replaced by LHCP when it is ready.

So, the issue I see is that the data appears to be stored as HAL
descriptive strings - these could change over time. Storing
it as vendor/id pairs might be more flexible.

(Or is this actually done that way, and the display on the website
is what's doing the conversion?)

They're presently being pulled from the hardware object created using
the RHN client tools.  I'll look to see what it would take to get
vendor/id pairs.

Ouch. The way RHN currently deals with hardware is pretty painful, at least server-side; a bunch of us are interested in pursuing something more HAL'ish, drop me a line if you're interested, and maybe we can see if there are points of commonality.


As we'll probably be reusing a lot of that hardware probing code in LHCP as well i'd be really interested about what/how we can do that better, so it would be awesome if you could get me in the loop. Our current code in LHCP is very basic for now (just a prove of concept), so doing that the same way in smolt and LHCP should be really benefical.

Read ya, Phil

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