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Re: Smolt: Fedora Hardware Profiler

Mike McGrath wrote:
On 1/31/07, Michael Wiktowy <michael wiktowy gmail com> wrote:
On 1/31/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath fedoraproject org> wrote:
Does the profile give any indication whether the hardware is installed
and working properly (or providing some limited functionality) or is
it just cataloging its existence?

The LHCP guys are doing this.  Smolt has a much smaller scope.

Exactly. I've already received some really valuable feedback to various components and we'll be integrating as many of them as possible.

As we'll also be trying to work with the smolt guys as closely together as possible we hope to get to a point where the manual testing you can do with LHCP can be integrated with the data collected from smolt. But it'll take some more time until LHCP reaches that point.

Read ya, Phil

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