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Re: Announcing LHCP - Linux Hardware Compatibility Project

Hi Phil,

On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 16:47 +0100, Phil Knirsch wrote:

> Hm, i've talked also with a few other folks here and maybe a short 
> description would help a lot. Or do something like:
>    Hibernate (suspend to memory)
> and
>    Suspend (suspend to harddisk)

It's exactly vice versa ;-). At least here on my Desktop(tm)(*),
"Hibernate" suspends to disk and the "Suspend" entry of the power
manager applet has a nice stylized memory module overlay (though I
haven't tried it out lately as I should have).

(*): Given some not quite recent discussions on this list, my not
mentioning what desktop environment I'm using should give you an idea
what I use. Sort of ;-P.

> although the later really looks wierd as suspend is used twice there. 
> I'll try a few things and see what looks best, probably dicing up the 
> description.


Hibernate (to disk)


Suspend (to memory)

     Nils Philippsen    /    Red Hat    /    nphilipp redhat com
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 Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."  --  B. Franklin, 1759
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