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Re: Smolt: Fedora Hardware Profiler

Mike McGrath wrote:
Hey guys, smolt is in a state now where it can be released and tested
by the general public.  Currently smolt-firstboot has firstboot
integration with opt in/out.  My question for the dev's is:

Do we as a community want to include this by default in Fedora 7?

I can also see this as an extremely useful tool for IT-departments and companies trying to keep track of their hardware. So a nice feature would be to get a local copy of the smolt-server running, and then have all servers and workstations report to that server - either instead of or in addition to the fedora server.

That way it would be easy to keep track of which workstations have been upgraded with more RAM, what chipset the different servers have and so on.

Ofcourse one could also add a "module" for the local reporting that adds info such as ip and mac-address for network cards, different configuration parameters and so on.


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