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Re: Announcing LHCP - Linux Hardware Compatibility Project

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Nice. But well: It sound like yet-another-hardware-compatibility-list to
> me. Thus I'm wondering: Don't we have enough of those already?


> Or wait, let's do it even better: Try to work together with all of those
> those and solve the problem once and for all *properly* and in a general
> way? Read that as: cooperate with at least Novell/Opensuse, Debian and
> Ubuntu and maybe get OSDL ^w TLF on board (from the start of).

That would be awesome. So many people are waiting for such a list.

How about something linked with Smolt ? You report your hardware with Smolt,
it takes you to a webpage where you have a table with all your hardware,
and 3 checkboxes for each component : Works, Works partially, Does not

If that sounds good, Smolt could then be ported to other distros, and the
results of each could be aggregated on a single authoritative website.

I for one would love to see something like that.

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