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Re: Default MTA for Fedora 7

On Saturday 03 February 2007 15:12, Joachim Frieben wrote:
> The bug got closed by J. Katz after classification as "NOTABUG". The
> argument was that the "sendmail" command is provided by several packages in
> "FC/FE" without particular ranking and "exim" simply seems to win by
> alphabetical order compared to "postfix" or "sendmail" .. :-/

Do you have any other suggestions on how to programattically decide what 
choice out of many options you'd use to satisfy a dep?


All of these virtually provide /usr/bin/whizbang  and use alternatives to 
handle this.

bingo requires /usr/bin/whizbang, and doesn't care which one.  What way to you 
decide which to grab?  Currently yum does a sort of all that 
provide /usr/bin/whizbang and picks the one at the top.  Shorter names sort 
before longer ones, so in this case, 'go' wins.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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