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Re: Default MTA for Fedora 7

On Saturday 03 February 2007 16:28, Joachim Frieben wrote:
> No need to get sarcastic. I mentioned "expect" only as an example, and it's
> not even required: already now, the -interactive- user input during an
> "anaconda" install procedure is processed in order to produce a valid
> kickstart file for later use. I do not see any fundamental difference in
> this respect. If packages can be selected by the user at will at install
> time, why not prompt him in case of anbiguities when the dependencies get
> processed? Once the final package selection has been established, it can be
> retained for the kickstart file, and for later automated installs, this
> question does not even need to be asked again, ... right?

Because the only time this question comes up is _not_ the installer.  And you 
don't use the installer to generate a kickstart file, many of us are 
perfectly happy creating those by hand, or porting them forward from previous 

Look, rpm/yum transactions need to be able to be non-interactive.  Period.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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