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Re: Announcing repoman - PyGTK yum repo manager

David Cantrell wrote:
Announcing repoman

Repoman is a PyGTK frontend for configuring common and basic settings
for yum.  Specifically, it lets users enable and disable individual
repos easily.  Users can add and remove repositories as well.

Repoman is not meant to expose all of yum's configuration settings in
GUI form, but rather the common settings most users will care about.

One of the interesting features is the Tracking page.  Users can easily
switch between stable (with or without updates) or development branches
and repoman will enable and disable the correct repositories for the

Repoman also offers a set of Python classes for reading and writing out
/etc/yum.repos.d files.  The core element is the RepoStanza, which are
contained in RepoFiles, and all of those make up a Repos collection.

This program is evolving a lot, so help testing and/or coding is

Repoman is short for repository manager.


   Web page:  http://www.boston.burdell.org/repoman/

   Source archives are available in tar.gz format.  We have RPMs
available for Fedora Core 6. We would have rawhide RPMs available, but we ran in to a problem building on rawhide. QUESTIONS/BUGS

   Please email me or Chris Lumens (email addresses on web page) if you
   bug reports.

Hi David

Look very nice, i have started another project called 'system-config-repo' doing the same thing, manage yum repo.
It is also written in Python, you can check the code here.


Maybe we should join forces and merge our projects, there is no need to make 2 gui tools for managing yum repos.
Checkout my code, tell me what you think.


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