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announce: v2.6.20-rt1 yum repository and kernel rpms

in case you are interested in really bleeding-edge kernel rpms for 
fc7/fc6/fc5, i've created the -rt kernel yum repository, which provides 
the -rt kernel in rpmized form for i686 and x86_64, updated 
daily/bi-daily. The package is named 'kernel-rt' so it does not conflict 
with the Fedora kernel package - you can always revert to the Fedora 

The -rt kernel has the following main features: it closely tracks Linus' 
-git tree, has KVM, high-res timers, dynticks, fully preemptible kernel, 
preempt-rcu, plus all the usual upstream stuff that the Fedora kernel 
has enabled. (The yum repository pointers at the end of the 


----- Forwarded message from Ingo Molnar <mingo elte hu> -----

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 07:56:36 +0100
From: Ingo Molnar <mingo elte hu>
To: linux-kernel vger kernel org
Subject: v2.6.20-rt1, yum/rpm
Cc: linux-rt-users vger kernel org

i have released the v2.6.20-rt1 kernel, which can be downloaded from the 
usual place:


more info about the -rt patchset can be found in the RT wiki:


This is a fixes-only release. Since the -rt tree has been closely 
tracking Linus' upstream kernel since -rc1, no new issues are expected - 
please re-report if anything is still unfixed.

There are lots of changes relative to 2.6.19-rt6 (the last stable 
release), but these are mostly fixes and other gradual improvements. KVM
is now enabled in the yum kernel on both i686 and x86_64 (and has been
enabled since around -rc1-rt1), the -rt tree tracks kvm-trunk (which is
a bit fresher than upstream KVM) and has a few additional paravirt
speedups implemented and enabled.

to build a 2.6.20-rt1 tree, the following patches should be applied:


the -rt YUM repository for Fedora Core 6 and 5, for architectures i686 
and x86_64 can be activated via:

   cd /etc/yum.repos.d
   wget http://people.redhat.com/~mingo/realtime-preempt/rt.repo

   yum install kernel-rt.x86_64   # on x86_64
   yum install kernel-rt          # on i686

   yum update kernel-rt           # refresh - or enable yum-updatesd

as usual, bugreports, fixes and suggestions are welcome,


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