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Re: New new package process SUCKS! (read please)

Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said: 
> Then I wanted todo an import an it failed as I first needed to be in 
> owners.list and that requires manual intervention by an CVS admin, so 
> now I have the feeling that I need a CVS admin for any fart I want todo 
> -> SUCKS

Mmm, hyperbole. Right now, the initial set up of a package needs
done by the admin; currently this is adding an entry to the owners.list/
making the directory in CVS. In future it might be 'adding the entry
to the package database and setting it up in the build system'. The step
will still be needed, even though parts of it may change.

Heck, I'd love to get it where the CVS branching stuff isn't a
separate step. But that takes time and infrastructure, and there
seems to be a dearth of people who want to touch the CVS stuff.

> The new ACL design is broken, the ACL's shouldn't work by owners.list, 
> but instead by putting the owner in the acl in the initial import and 
> then owners.list would "just" be used for bugzilla and not for CVS 
> access / ACL, which in turn means that then anyone could be given rights 
> to owners.list as things were -> problem solved. I know things are 
> probably not that easy. But the current solution is not a solution its a 
> cure worse then the disease! IOW it SUCKS!

owner in acl == anyone in acl can remove all the other owners.


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