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Re: Would it make sense to make aspell dictionaries noarch packages?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 2/5/07, Christopher Aillon <caillon redhat com> wrote:
Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> Okay so I'm doing the merge review for aspell and all its lovely
> little dictionary packages.... and I got to wondering, because i like
> complicating everyone's already overworked lives....

I think the plan is to get rid of aspell for FC7, though not sure how
feasible that is...

Okay well... do we have a a more full list of 'plans' like this?
Because aspell is in the merge review list. As much as I love to waste
my own time on unimportant work, I'd daresay that other people might
be underjoyed to be busting their arses reviewing packages which have
been 'planned' to be shown the door.

Personally, I believe it's way too early to do these reviews in the first place. They find mostly inconsequential, 20-second spec issues, that are perfect for fixing after test2 when the package lists are finalized and these types of fixes are the on the short list of fixes we should be taking. But I suppose that getting people to do the amount of reviews in that short of a time frame is not a good idea, so good thing for everyone doing the work that it's not up to me.

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