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Creating a jackuser group

fedora-music-list hosted a thread[1] recently on making it easier to run
the jack-audio-connection-kit server.  It's a bit of a mess right now
because users have to manually edit /etc/security/limits.conf before
anything will run.

In order to clean things up, it was proposed that Fedora come
pre-installed with a jackuser entry in /etc/group, as well as including
the following in /etc/security/limits.conf...

@jackuser - rtprio 20
@jackuser - memlock 131072

Then users simply need to be added to the jackuser group in order to run
jackd and associated applications.  I believe this models what other
distros are doing to support jack users.  We could even have a
consolehelper enabled wrapper to ask users if they want to be added to
this group if they aren't already when the run qjackctl.

Most of the discussion is captured in mail threads referenced by this
bugzilla entry....


So, if this sounds like a sane thing to do for Fedora 7, do I simply
file bugzilla issues against the setup and pam packages (which
own /etc/group and /etc/security/limits.conf respectively).

Any comments?



http://www.mail-archive.com/fedora-music-list redhat com/index.html#00121

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