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Re: Would it make sense to make aspell dictionaries noarch packages?

On 2/6/07, Christopher Aillon <caillon redhat com> wrote:
Personally, I believe it's way too early to do these reviews in the
first place.

Or... its way too late... depending on your pov.

But I suppose that getting people to do the amount of
reviews in that short of a time frame is not a good idea,

Even with the time we have now... its not clear to me its going to get
done... if it comes down to relying on people like me, who are
stupifyingly slow at doing reviews.

-jef"More than slightly concerned over what's going to happen when a
large group of hatters get reviewing rights at about the same time to
speed up the core merge review process, and as a group gripe about
particular review process guidance.. or worse, ignore items without
griping to save time because their managers are leaning on them to get
core items reviewed by a deadline. We still have a long way to go
sorting out corporate versus community culture clash

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