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Re: greylisting and dynamic host IPs, was: Default MTA for Fedora 7

>>>>> "JK" == Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> writes:

JK> On Tuesday 06 February 2007 04:07, Benny Amorsen wrote:
>> The IP I send this from is static. It is also supposedly a "known"
>> dynamic IP. I would agree with you if the dynamic IP lists were
>> actually dynamic IP lists.

JK> Is it really static, or is it statically assigned through DHCP,
JK> making it a crossbreed static/dynamic? If it is within the rest of
JK> the dynamic range your ISP uses, then its really hard to tell.

It is really really static. No DHCP anywhere. I just don't get to set
reverse DNS for it.

And yes, it's hard to tell for the lists. The point is that they don't
even try. They just split the Internet into corporations and the rest,
only allowing corporations to run servers. I could play along and move
my server to the company connection of course, but is that really
where we want the Internet to go?


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