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Re: [slightly-off-fedora-topic] who all has got N800 or 770 here ?

On 2/6/07, Anuj Verma (Kevin) <kevin verma gmail com> wrote:

Seems planet.fedoraproject.org is suddenly coming up with posts about
N800, so I could not resist myself to ask here, that how many of us here
have got these devices.

I have got one myself, who else ? lack of applications is what we all
face, especially N800 ?

I have one of each (although I am currently deciding the fate of my
770). I have found that most 770 apps work fine on the N800. Enable
the old mistal repos and install the apps you need. Most will work.
Then disable those repos to avoid pulling in too much cruft. Either
that or be patient and wait for the repackaging ... it seems to be
coming along nicely.

(I wish if RPM works there)

I don't. While I am more familiar with yum/rpm, the last thing that
the Maemo community needs is more package/repo splintering.


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