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Re: Is there a NFS alternative?

Daniel Yek wrote:
I am hoping for a secure solution to mount directories "shared out" from my other computer located remotely over the Internet. So that I can edit source files and execute programs "locally" and compile remotely (a much faster machine).

I'm probably misunderstanding this, but here we go anyway. :-)

Sharing a directory will not let you build remotely. It will allow you to build in a place where another host can get the results. You need to have some sort of shell on the system that will be building.

If you actually get to the fast computer over the internet (ssh or something) and build something off an NFS mount from your local machine, then there's a good chance that the latency in reading and writing files on the NFS share will far outweigh the faster processor on the remote machine, in which case you'll be better off building from your local machine, even if it is slower. (disclaimer: i don't know what kind of connection you have to the internet).

I'd say edit the files locally, then rsync files over and built remotely (all this could easily be put in you Makefile btw) and sync results back.

Again - sorry if i'm not getting the picture. ;-)


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