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Re: Is there a NFS alternative?

At 09:13 PM 2/7/2007, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> It was a while ago when I read that NFS was difficult to secure with (the
> use of) ssh and iptables (or something like that).
> I really needed an alternative that works and can be made secure. Is GFS a
> suitable replacement for NFS? If not, what is the closest thing to NFS?

Is fuse-sshfs a viable alternative?

This is exciting. I briefly scan through several web sites, didn't find any information about the perceived delay and fine-grained control of when it syncs (ssh / scp out), etc. If the perceived delay on save is minimum -- as fast as saving to the local disk, this would be a perfect solution that I am looking for. I just need it to cache locally (which fuse-sshfs does) and flush/sync when I want it to, or asynchronously in the background so that it doesn't bother me with synchronous "delayed return". I can imagine it being very useful, but I'll have to give myself time to use it for a while. Thanks a bunch.

  yum install fuse-sshfs
  apt-get install sshfs

adduser yourlocalusername fuse
(log out and back in so that it recognizes me as a member of the
group "fuse")

How to mount a filesystem:
> sshfs hostname: mountpoint

To unmount the filesystem:
> fusermount -u mountpoint

Daniel Yek

Others have also mentioned fully-userspace solutions, i.e. giving your apps
URLs instead of file names. Emacs has been given as an example, but it's not
the only editor to support this. Most KDE and GNOME apps support sftp:// URLs
(sftp ioslave in KDE, sftp gnome-vfs plugin in GNOME). Kate can work just fine
with sftp:// URLs, for example.

        Kevin Kofler

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