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Re: tcl 8.5 alpha in fedora 7?

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Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Jean-Luc Fontaine <jfontain <at> free.fr> writes:
>> Well, then there's gonna be a big problem with blt (now in extras, a
>> graphical library) which is far from ready to compile against tcl-8.5,
> The strange thing is that it doesn't show up in the "broken
dependencies" list,
> so RPM thinks the version built against 8.4 is still going to run
(there's no
> dependency on the versioned soname). I don't know whether that's true.
I checked again and blt is indeed very much incompatible with tcl-8.5,
so I will correct blt.spec accordingly.
> itcl, itk and iwidgets are in a similar situation, they don't seem to
depend on
> libtcl8.4.so either for some reason, so I have no idea if they actually
need a
> rebuilt or not.
Neither do I, and I suspect that the quite many packages that depend
on tcl have not been well tested against tcl-8.5. So I hope reason
will prevail and F7 will include the recent tcl 8.4.14 instead.

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