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Re: tcl 8.5 alpha in fedora 7?

On 2/7/07, Gérard Milmeister wrote:
One could also create a package compat-tcl-84.

I have about 4/5 packages which compile under tcl/tk. It would be nice
that for such type of package on with many apps depends on:
- fedora maintainer should provide rpms of the "sudden change" of
version before submitting to rawhide
- during a time delay, the respective packagers test their packages
against that major update
- and then submit it to rawhide if consider worth

Last time, guile updated to 1.8, all my geda packages that fedora
shipped were broken, till now upstream doesn't have a fix yet. Mamuro
and Gérard helped to package a compat-guile package to temporary fix
the fedora broken packages.

I just don't want to see all my dependent packages broken again
(broken packages == fedora removed from all nodes of my university lab
+ all my effort for opensource were useless) . During the review, the
blt module was broken, and now it's working fine. But duno what it
could be next time.


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