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Re: Firewire on Fedora 7: summary of troubles

2007/2/5, David Zeuthen <david fubar dk>:
On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 20:51 -0500, Michel Salim wrote:
> -- after unloading and reloading sbp2, the drive is detected, but
> gnome-volume-manager still does not see it after logging in

hal probably needs to be taught about the new Firewire stack; not hard,
I'll look at this tomorrow when I seize my Firewire drives from krh :-)

The new hal and/or dbus seems to make my Firewire problem worse; now
with both 1.2919 and 1.2922 kernels (x86_64) I'd get a kernel panic.
If I plug the Firewire device in after the system boots up, after the
kernel panic messages are dumped on the current terminal I could
switch to other terminals but after entering my username and password
I would not get a prompt.

I have some dmesg output from the time before the problem becomes
terminal -- this is more a kernel bug than a hal bug, yes?

Michel Salim

My theology, briefly, is that the universe was dictated but not signed.
               -- Christopher Morley

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