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Re: Wakeup alarm?

Dnia 11-02-2007, nie o godzinie 10:14 -0500, Jesse Keating napisał(a):
> You don't really, we don't indicate what packages are on which media.  Maybe 
> we should, but doesn't help when the package is on say media 1, but the deps 
> of it which aren't visibly listed are on media 4.
That's why I said "deselect the packages and their dependencies".

That's also why I said that the "confirm CD list" step is useless - it's
faster to download the complete set (or run minimal install) than to
guess or somehow experimentally get to the packages you need to

Another method I've seen in an installer of some other distro is a list
of media that I have. That would be one more step before package
selection, which could also take an updates CD, some "extras" CD,
drivers CD or any other yum repo. Then we could install anything from
anywhere, provided we have the media available.

I understand adding any yum repo upon installation is not trivial (it
can be inconsistent by itself, it can be conflicting with our packages
and so on), but if we start from the media selection, it's a step
forward. Also, that way, there's no need to ask the user to stay at the
keyboard only to press "Next" after a very long depsolving, which this
thread is all about.


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