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Re: Default MTA for Fedora 7

Am Sonntag, den 11.02.2007, 07:37 +0800 schrieb Nicolas Mailhot:
> Stephen John Smoogen a écrit :
> > On 2/3/07, David Woodhouse <dwmw2 infradead org> wrote:
> >> Not exactly. It's how the dependencies got fulfilled.
> >>
> >> It's probably a good thing though -- it _is_ a better choice because
> >> it's much easier to deal with and much more versatile than the other
> >> options; _especially_ than sendmail :)
> >>
> >
> > No its better because you like it more. I think you have been pushing
> > for this since at least 1999 (2000 for sure).
> >
> > Me I would like postfix :)

Me too. Very clean.

Sendmail X has a very similar design to Postfix. Not looked at it for a
while though.

> It *is* way better than sendmail but it *do* like postfix better too.
> Someone has shamelessly used the fact exim was the MTA with the shortest 
> name to sneak this big change in.


Imagine if RHEL was to switch the default MTA to Exim "because it has
the shortest name". Customers would laugh.

Fedora doesn't deserve the switch either. (Is this seriously being

> -- 
> Nicolas Mailhot

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