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fuse-sshfs; was Re: Is there a NFS alternative?

At 05:52 AM 2/11/2007, Till Maas wrote:
On Thursday 08 February 2007 01:02, Daniel Yek wrote:

> I am hoping for a secure solution to mount directories "shared out" from my
> other computer located remotely over the Internet. So that I can edit
> source files and execute programs "locally" and compile remotely (a much
> faster machine).

> Is NFS(4) still the best (and easiest-to-use?) solution?

As someone else suggested, try fuse-sshfs, with

sshfs remotehosts: /mnt/remotehome

you can mount your remote home directory to /mnt/remotehome and with

fusermount -u /mnt/remotehome

you can umount it. Nothing more than a unprivileged ssh account on the remote
machine and fuse-sshfs on the local machine and a user in the fuse group is


I have been using fuse-sshfs for a few days now. It is something good to know and I'm still using it, but it fell short in 2 aspects so far:

1. While saving over the Internet each time I habitually save a text file isn't too bad, executing a program in the fuse-sshfs mounted directory is unbearable. It took my program a warping 4 minutes to "download" and execute. Worst, everytime the program reload a DSO file, the DSO file is "downloaded" over the Internet again (and again.)

Caching is very much inadequate.

I can use rsync over a small directory hierarchy to workaround this problem though (still not exactly convenient enough to be transparent).

2. Whenever I lose my ssh connection due to some timeout problem, it was such a hassle to quit all text editors (so that no process has a handle to a fuse-sshfs mounted subdirectory, I think,) and remount the directory. Remounting shouldn't require unmounting or quiting text editors.

Thanks for all feedback. They are very useful.

Daniel Yek

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