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Re: simplistic questions about core/extras merge

Max Spevack wrote:

So let's look at the process for a single package, making its way from "Core" to "New World":

1) Package is reviewed under the current Fedora guidelines. As these reviews happen, the guidelines that we have are always up for intelligent discussion.

2) Once a package passes review, a couple of things have to happen
a) Current maintainer (someone who is @redhat.com) needs to agree to a freeze.
I don't think it is possible to just stop development just because a package has been approved. There isn't even a new build system yet, so please let us just continue to do development in the old build system until the time that the infrastructure is actually ready to do the move. I don't think such a freeze between approval and move would buy us anything, really. Or do you want me to
wait for reapproval after any change I do post-merge, too ?

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