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Re: Question on Feature Freeze ..and possibly of adding PPC Xen?

On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 14:38 -0600, Jerone Young wrote:
> I'm wondering how hard is the feature freeze on Febuary 20th? 

For things which have an impact outside of themself, we're going to need
to hold the line pretty well if we're going to actually hit the release

> We would like to try and enable PPC Fedora with Xen. Though doing so
> will run past the freeze date of Febuary 20th as we would need to up
> port to the fedora kernel version. What would be the complete cut off
> date if it would be possible ?

Given the fact that it's a pretty major feature and needs to have some
significant exposure, I think that it's going to need to be there for
test2 if it's going to be in F7.

> Also would any featured packages outside of the kernel that does not
> make the feature freeze date be OK for extras. Will there be an extras
> repository around FC7 time frame or is it that all packages will have be
> in the main repository and make the freeze date?

There's one repository of packages.  New packages will be able to
trickle into the released repository, but some of the mechanics of that
aren't fully fleshed out yet.


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