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Re: F7 KDE spin r2

On 2/12/07, Rex Dieter wrote:
Just updated:
to include more details.  Feedback, criticism is welcome.

Further, we'll be holding an informal irc meetings on #fedora-devel
Tuesdays @ 03:00 UTC (turns out to be Mon 9pm CST for me).  If folks are
interested, but that time doesn't work for you, please post times that
work better for you at:

is there already an agenda for the meeting ?

perhaps we should lay down
* who did what already and hence assign tasks afterwards
  * I've split ksirc from kdenetwork already for using konservation
as default client.
* kmenu entries policies ?? what should be done with respect to
double kmenu entries and those entries who are on "Lost & found" ?
obviously we should correct them. I can volunteer.
* ...........


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