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Re: Can we make readahead more robust to package updates?

On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 01:43:51PM -0500, Tony Nelson wrote:
> I think you're saying that the daemon will terminate after collecting data
> during boot, but the readahead.whenever files will only be regenerated when

 I'm not sure if we need to run the daemon for every boot. I don't
 know how expensive is our audit system... we will see.

> a separate command is run.  Thus, after installing, say, a new Firefox, the
> readahead.d/default.later file will have stale entries in it until the user

 Prepare a new version of the readahead.d/default.later file  is
 very simple (one qsort) and I think it will be possible to do it
 automatically. So, without a separate command.

 More attractive is to generate final version of the lists where
 filenames are sorted by first data block -- see "fast mode" in

 Now in FC6 readahead supports the "full mode" only. The readahead in
 FC7 will support both modes, but regenerate lists for  "fast mode" is
 more expensive -- it seems like a good job for cron or some manually
 started command.

> notices and runs that command.  I expect it will become clear when I
> examine the source.

 Yeah, that's always more clear than my mails. Sorry ;-)


 Karel Zak  <kzak redhat com>

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