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Re: Smolt from behind a proxy (Re: Smolt: firsboot revisited)

On 14.02.2007 20:47, Mike McGrath wrote:
Leszek Matok wrote:
Dnia 14-02-2007, śro o godzinie 19:01 +0100, David Nielsen napisał(a):
Smolt is doubleplus good, I vote yes.
I don't know nice 1984-ish word for "not so good", but:
Can Smolt work from behind a proxy server, faking the User-Agent?
Because, you know, I've tried to register some machines from a real
production environment, with no luck. setenv http_proxy doesn't work,
probably because our proxy rejects most of UA-s (or because Smolt
doesn't honor http_proxy at all).
This is a must, I'll contact you as soon as its ready.

Side note: Not that it helps much in the firstboot case -- as a normal user who does a normal install you afaik are not able to configure the proxy before firstboot or while in it. (¹)


(¹) that why you also can't use external repos in anaconda if your machine live in a network that forces the use of a proxy (yes, I have machines in such networks -- that sucks). Reminder for those that are interested: proxy support for anaconda RFE is #125917

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